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We are committed!

We are committed to providing individuals, families and businesses with the best possible protection against a wide range of risks.

In times of change, our eyes are on the future of our society. Both for our current generation and for the many generations to come. 

We translate our passion for risk management into our business operations with:


How we do business

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About Concilium

Concilium is the Latin name for ‘Advisor’. At Concilium, we attach great importance to providing reliable advice. We are not sellers, but advisors who manage risk based on trust. And that makes us different!

From our office in Curaçao we serve our customers on all islands of the former Netherlands Antilles.

Our formula

We believe it is our job to create insight and conditions that enable you to act risk-consciously and confidently.

At Concilium, we know that risk management always extends beyond the company. As an entrepreneur, you can only really do business if you can properly anticipate the changing world to make the most of your opportunities.

Our goal is to be enable our clients to succeed with the most professional and high-quality service.

We address the risks you face two ways; with outstanding people and with focused strategies.

The risk scan



To become aware of potential risks we conduct a Risk Scan. It identifies the risks to which your business, staff, management team, or directors is or are exposed. We then analyze these risks to understand where they originate and to devise the best possible approach.

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Your risk manager knows how



Thanks to the Risk Scan, you can determine together with your dedicated risk manager which risks you can avoid and which you want to insure.

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Locally or abroad



We can provide customized solutions and avoid duplicate or absent insurance policies. Thanks to our annual and semi-annual check-ups, your approach to risks will always be up-to-date.

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